the complex cel is designed
the complex cel is designed
Man is unique
Man is unique
A unique information code
A unique information code
arguments against theïstic evolution
arguments against theïstic evolution
Is there a reproducibility crisis?
Is there a reproducibility crisis?
rapid stratification is possible
rapid stratification is possible
Danny Faulkner Refuting Flat Earth claims
Danny Faulkner Refuting Flat Earth claims

Kepler is a scientist

from the 16th/17th century

Some see him as an important founder of modern science

Remarkable was his attitude as a scientist:

he revered the facts he observed -

but he revered the Creator even more

Kepler desired to honour God with his work and wanted to discover how He made the world

Welcome to the Kepler site

Man is curious and creative. That’s been the case since Adam. In Genesis we read he gave names to all the animals and had to till and guard the Garden of Eden. Creation didn’t have to remain the same. And there is a lot to discover in creation: what is its construction and which possibilities does it have? These questions lead us to science.

Science has great impact on our daily lives. Think of the design, development and testing of medicines, cars, computers and food.

Science also involves making choices, sometimes these choices are ethical. Think of the use of nuclear power, our stewardship over creation, cloning etcetera.

And what does it mean if you read "proven scientifically"?

Closely related to this question are the questions on our origin. The answers aren't easily given - scientifically that is: we might have to cross the borders of science ...

This website provides explanations, information and links on different topics related to science. Just browse ...!

Questions and remarks are welcome: just mail!

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What's new / hot topics

The illustrations top left have links for new content and hot topics. Extra attention asked for:

  • A new page is added about the Cell, with links to video's showing its wonderful complexity.
  • Genesis contains the basics. I started a series on the book of Genesis on Youtube. See playlist Genesis.
  • Bacterial proteins use quantum meachnics to operate a dimmer switch.
  • About DNA research the past 20 years: DNA-1
  • New pictures and a link: rapid stratification is possible - on page strata.
  • Danny Faulkner refutes Flat Earth claims (video on Youtube) - see also page Earth,Sun,Universe

My other sites:

  1. contains articles and recordings of lectures on Bible topics. Most of it is in Dutch.
  2. the site of the small publishing company for my books

In the footsteps of Kepler

This book about science and questions around the origin of heaven, earth and man (seen from two perspectives: of science and of Bible) is currently only available in Dutch. This website (the natural companion of the book) is bilingual - and contains a lot of useful links. 


After studying Pollution at Wageningen Universtiy I taught biology and science for 41 jaar years.

I also spent a lot of time in studying God's Word.

Sometimes I am asked for lectures and guest lessons (Cornerstone college) - on both topics - and I regularly write articles (for "Focus op de Bijbel" and and I published some books.

After my retirement I sometimes visit India (with Gerard Hoddenbagh) to support believers with the Word.