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What does the Bible say?

If we want to reflect on creation, it seems important to first and foremost read and study what the Old Testament has to say about Creation and about God, starting in Genesis.

And what does the Lord Jesus say about the beginning?

Of course it's logical to also look for what the apostles wrote about it.

The testimony of the Old Testament

As is stated the whole history of Israel - and the whole of the salvation history as well - is rooted firmly in Genesis 1-11. Let's take a look at some OT books:

  • In the Ten Commandments the Sabbath is rooted firmly in the creation in six days (Ex.20:8).
  • Chronicles starts with Adam - just like the genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3.
  • God asks Job: Where were you when I laid the Earth's foundation? (Job 38:4). After that He speaks about big monsters like the Behemoth and the Leviathan: creatures that remind us of Dinosaurs.
  • The Psalms speak a number of times very clearly about the creation:read e.g. Ps.8, 33:6,9, 103:2, 136:5 and 148:5.
  • Isaiah speaks a lot about the LORD as Creator, especially in Chapter 40-48 opposed to the idols and as a reason to trust Him.
  • Creation in Genesis is intended to be the beginning or opening of history, starting with time and space. The creation account is part of an ongoing history with numbers and time sequences moving into the book of Exodus - nowhere a gap to be seen!

The testimony of the New Testament

It's remarkable how Jesus and the apostel speak about the creation. A selection will prove this point:

  • John 1 goes back to the beginning and makes perfectly clear that Jesus is the Word of God become flesh:d actually is the Creator Himself. This is confirmed in Col.1 and Hebr.1.
  • Jesus speaks a number of times about the beginning, with authority and 'as if' it really happened - He was there Himself! See e.g. Mat.19:4-6 and Mat.24:21.
  • Jesus acts confirm that He is the Creator. Many times He heals by just speaking a word (Mat.8:8, Mark.7:34, John.2:1-11, John.4:50, John.5:8-9 and John.11:43,44).
  • Paul bases a part of his teaching on historical facts: Adam was the first man, Eve was seduced, Adam sinned and brought sin and death in the world. See Acts.17:26, Rom.5:12-20, 1Cor.15:45-49, 1Tim.2:13,14.
  • Peter about Creation and the Flood in connection with the coming judgment: 2Peter.3:5-7.
  • Hebr.11:3 confirms that the creation took place by the Word - the things we see,  haven't come into being by what we observe.
  • The miracles Jesus performs are real, material events (water did turn into wine - not slowly like in ordinary wine production). This also points to His Creator-power - why wouldn't creation have been done as quickly!

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Apostle Peter (Nikolla Onufri)
Apostle Peter (Nikolla Onufri)
Moses in the St. Paul's church
Moses in the St. Paul's church
Apostle Paul (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)
Apostle Paul (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam)